We start by exploring your requirements, timescales and budgets and making suggestions about the best transport, accommodation and events to fit your plans. Whether you have specific ideas or just a general theme, we can put together a unique programme and complete costings to fit.

With the costs and programme approved, we will then take you step by step through our plan, including site inspections of hotels and event venues. We will make travel or logistical adjustments as needed, as well as identify the complementary elements that will add to the experience.

From the moment the guests arrive in the UK, we will look after every aspect of their visit, from travel and accommodation to events. We will be available constantly to ensure that the planned activities are a roaring success and that any new requirements that crop up on the day are taken care of effortlessly.

When the programme is over we will do a complete evaluation, review and discuss the trip with you to ensure that you feel the same way. We can then look at your requirements over the next 12 months and start planning the next unforgettable visit.

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