LONDON in our opinion is the most popular European CITY

LONDON in our opinion is the most popular European CITY, so does Trotsky our mascot for those who know him!!!! – Do I hear YOU say, “WHO’s Trotsky??

Trotsky with Ball asking for more exercise!

Trotsky is known to be a little bit arrogant but he’s heard rumours that Paris, Barcelona, Berlin or even Rome is more popular!! Well he says NO, NON, NEIN’ in his language!  

So what are the facts?? 

London is known for its unreliable weather, but Trotsky disagrees! Did you know that London’s average rain fall (601mm) is less than New York’s (1145mm), but also less than Rome’s (834mm) which may come to you as a surprise!

As Trotsky would say, In London I don’t get as wet from running around country parks as I do when I go to Rome!!       

In fact London’s weather is even attractive to some! Trotsky’s research has shown that visitors from India and the Middle East enjoy London’s temperate climate especially during the summer, which makes it comfortable to enjoy the city’s parks and green spaces. ‘Woof, Woof, Woof!!

So what else?

London has culture as well as the other cities, however for our discerning London visitor’s……………Trotsky and his canine friends believe we have a bit more!

As well as visiting London’s established Museums, we have a number of well-known sporting events which is a major factor in attracting visitors from oversees, including the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Horseracing at Royal Ascot, Cricket at Lords and even the most famous boat race in the world – Oxford v Cambridge.

And of course football matches at such grounds as Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur – to name but a few!

 And finally…… can save money as we’re 10% cheaper in US dollar terms! Woof, Woof!!

“Get in touch to find out how ‘Trotsky’ can help make your London experience unforgettable!”

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