Londons Tallest Building – The Shard

For the last five years, Londoners have witnessed the construction of the tallest building in Western Europe, The Shard – 309.6metres (1,016ft) tall and 87 floors.

Although the building was officially opened last year and will include offices and a five star 195-room luxury Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard has just officially opened its doors to a viewing gallery at level 72 – which will take groups from street level up 244m (800ft) in two high-speed lifts that take just 30 seconds to reach Level 68.

From here, visitors will head up to Level 69, a triple-height space that claims to offer a 40-mile view and will also be available for exclusive use.

Level 72 has been designed as an immersive visitor experience, enhanced by state of the art technology to draw people deeper into the story of London, its people and history.

Through a series of short films, visitors are given glimpses of London’s diverse communities and famous streets and places across the capital – all of which they will be able to see from the viewing galleries more than 200m above them.