Hatim Karimjee


Age:Early 50’s, but I look younger according to my friends. I am not sure what they are looking at?

Height:I like to believe I am normal height for today’s generation. I am happy I do not have to shop around for my little and large clothes.

Weight:It’s personal, but when I go swimming I do feel I can expose my body (and my little muscles), however, my doctor looks from inside and has a different opinion.

Eye Colour:It was brown and now its black helps me to hide my exotic teenage life.

Most Embarrassing Moment:A few years ago I bought two pairs of identical shoes (black and brown) and one day in winter (when it is usually dark in the morning), I got into the tube at 6.30 for an important meeting and realised everybody was staring at me and keeping their distance from me. I soon noticed I was wearing a black and brown shoe – I will not complete the rest of the story, but my advice is to buy only one pair of shoes to be safe (does not apply to ladies).

Perfect dinner guest:I would say, Bill Clinton, he is charming and someone with whom you could have a constructive discussion.