Simon Cope

Sales and Marketing

Age:Early 50’s, but believe me I’m still very young at heart, particularly on the dance floor!

Height:Five foot nine I think. But after a little accident with a garage roof a few years ago, I may be a few centimetres shorter!

Weight:That’s a very sensitive question, but I do go to the gym once or twice a week (I promise!)

Eye Colour:Brown, but the thought of wearing blue/green contact lenses has always appealed.

Most Embarrassing Moment:Where do I start? My most embarrassing travel moment (never repeated, I hasten to add) was booking flights online for the family with a ‘low cost’ carrier and finding that far from being in the afternoon, they were in fact at 1.35am!

Perfect dinner guest:Excluding my wife of course, Leona Lewis. Or, if I chose a man, George Clooney – don’t laugh all at once, but I’ve been told I look similar to him!